In Kindergarten we are learning to be

"Tuneful" (use our beautiful singing voices),

"Beatful" (move to the music and keep a steady beat) and "Artful" (perform all of our music with artful musicianship). 


Those are the goals of the Feierabend approach to teaching music, based on the work of John Feierabend, Professor Emeritus of Music Education at the Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford Maine.  



At Sunset Ridge, kindergarten classes follow Feierabend's "First Steps in Music" curriculum where they are taught to sing "tunefully" on pitch with beautiful tone, move and play "beatfully" keeping a steady beat and following the rhythm of the music, and perform "artfully" with expression and beauty.  












Kindergarteners Dancing "Bobolinka"
Playing the "Gumby Game"  kindergarteners explore all the different ways they can move and make shapes.

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