4th and 5th Grade Choir

10-03 Cindy (Voc) P252
10-07 Erie Canal (Voc_Dance Perf) P254.m
10-10 Shenandoah (Voc) P256
10-18 Camptown Races (Voc) P260
10-04 Cindy (Perf) P252
10-08 Erie Canal (Perf) P254
10-11 Shenandoah (Perf) P256
10-19 Camptown Races (Perf) P262
10-21 Battle Hymn Of The Republic (Split
11-04 Happy Days Are Here Again (Voc) P2
11-06 If I Had A Hammer (Voc) P277
13-11 Sing, Sing, Sing! (Voc) P328
11-05 Happy Days Are Here Again (Perf) P
11-07 If I Had A Hammer (Perf) P277
13-09 It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't
13-12 Sing, Sing, Sing! (Perf) P328

Any 4th or 5th-grader who loves to sing can join the Sunset Ridge Choir.  The choir rehearses on Tuesday mornings from 7:30 to 8:25 in the music room.   This year our choir has approximately 45 members!  Students must be willing to attend all rehearsals and performances (see schedule below).  


Uniform:  SRE Musicians T-shirt (around $12) and black pants for performances.  


If you want to hear a recording of past SRE choirs, click on the "More" button at the top of the page, and go to "Audio/Video."



Mark your calendar:

November 7    Perform on the 3rd-grade program 7:00 PM

November 9    No rehearsal

November 14  Field trip to perform at UMKC

November 21  No Rehearsal


January 16     No Rehearsal

February 8     No Rehearsal

February 20   No Rehearsal

March 1         Perform on the 4th-grade program

April 10         "For the Children" benefit concert for Operation Breakthrough.  

                      Visitation Catholic Church, 5141 Main, KCMO. Afternoon rehearsal and 7:30 PM performance


13-08 It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't

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